V International Symposium on Tardigrada

The smallest tardigrade meeting in the history was attended only by 13 researchers from 4 countries from two continents (Europe and North America). During the single session 7 talks were presented.

The conference was unique in the sense that it was the only Symposium in the history that was a part of another, larger meeting - The Eighth International Meiofauna Conference. It was also the only tardigrade Symposium that did not produce its proceedings. It was the second time that a tardigrade meeting was held in the USA.

Table of contents

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The Meiofauna Conference:
09-14 August 1992.

The Tardigrade Session:
13 August 1992.


College Park, Maryland, USA.

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University of Maryland.


The Meiofauna Conference organisers:
Dr. Margaret Palmer (University of Maryland, USA),
Dr. Robert P. Higgins (Smithsonian Institution, USA).

The Tardigrade Session organiser:
Dr. Diane R. Nelson (East Tennessee State University, USA).

Participants (alphabetically)

 Beasley, Clark W. (USA)
Bertolani, Roberto (Italy)
Christian (FRG)
, Ruth (USA)
 Dewel, William (USA)
Higgins, Robert P. (USA)
, William (USA)
 Kendall-Fite, Karen L. (USA)
, Ian (UK)
 McGlothlin, Karen L. (USA)
Miller, W. Randy (USA)
 Nelson, Diane R. (USA)
 Shofner, Marcia (USA)

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Monday (13.08.1992) 
Chairperson: D.R. Nelson
08:30-09:00 Introduction to Session
09:00-09:30 Rebecchi, L. & Bertolani, R. Reproductive cycles in eutardigrades of freshwater and terrestrial habitats
09:30-10:00 Bussau, C. New Tardigrada from a manganese nodule area
10:00-10:30 McGlothlin, K.L. & Nelson, D.R. Long-term stability in tardigrade populations on Roan Mountain, Tennessee
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-11:30 Kendall-Fite, K.L., Chandler, C.M. & Nelson, D.R. Tardigrades from Short-Mountain seepage springs, Cannon County, Tennessee
11:30-12:00 Nelson, D.R. Tardigrades of land between the lakes, Kentucky-Tennessee
12:00-12:30 Miller, W.R. & Heatwole, H. Tardigrada from Heard Island, Maritime Antarctica, Southern Indian Ocean
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:30 Beasley, C.W. A fourth report on Isohypsibius josephi (Iharos, 1964) with comments on the description



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