Welcome to the Tardigrada Register!

The main aim of this website is to provide graphic, morphometric, molecular and zoogeographic data on Tardigrada species in order to facilitate their taxonomic identifications.

The heart of this service is the Register, which contains abovementioned data on all tardigrade species described since the launch of this website, i.e. since 2012. Subsequently, the TR will span into the past species description. We urge the authors and journal editors to deposit taxonomic data in the Register for the benefit of the entire community of the contemporary and future tardigradologists (detailed information on how to submit your data is available here). All data contributors are properly acknowledged both in given species files as well as in a special section of the TR.

Moreover, you will find here an up to date tardigrade taxonomy and a thorough description of methodology for collecting, preserving and describing tardigrades. The service contains also links to institutions holding tardigrade collections and links to other data repositories.

We also invite you to use the Tardigrada Newsletter, the mother website of the Tardigrada Register, which is a comprehensive service and platform for the worldwide community of tardigradologists.

This web page is non-commercial and will remain so.

If you have any enquires or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you will find this Register helpful in your research.

£ukasz Michalczyk and £ukasz Kaczmarek






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