Papers on Tardigrada published in 2017

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G¹siorek, P., Stec, D., Morek, W. & Michalczyk, £. (2017) An integrative redescription of Echiniscus testudo (Doyère, 1840), the nominal taxon for the class Heterotardigrada (Ecdysozoa: Panarthropoda: Tardigrada). Zoologischer Anzeiger, 270: 107-122.
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G¹siorek, P., Zawierucha, K., Stec. D. & Michalczyk, £. (2017) Integrative redescription of a common Arctic water bear Pilatobius recamieri (Richters, 1911). Polar Biology, 40(11): 2239-2252.
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Kaczmarek, £. & Michalczyk, £. (2017) A description of Macrobiotus horningi sp. nov. and redescriptions of M. maculatus comb. nov. Iharos, 1973 and M. rawsoni Horning et al. 1978 (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae: hufelandi group). Zootaxa, 4363(1): 79-100.
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Kaczmarek, £. & Michalczyk, £. (2017) The Macrobiotus hufelandi (Tardigrada) group revisited. Zootaxa, 4363(1): 101-123.
PDF file available from authors
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Mapalo, M., Stec, D., Mirano-Bascos, D. & Michalczyk, £. (2017) An integrative description of a limnoterrestrial tardigrade from the Philippines, Mesobiotus insanis, new species (Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae: harmsworthi group). Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 65: 440-454. Article
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Martin, C., Gross, V., Hering, L., Tepper, B., Jahn, H., de Sena Oliveira, I., Stevenson, P.A. & Mayer, G. (2017) The nervous and visual systems of onychophorans and tardigrades: learning about arthropod evolution from their closest relatives. Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 203(8): 565-590.
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McInnes, S.J., Michalczyk, £. & Kaczmarek, £. (2017) Annotated zoogeography of non-marine Tardigrada. Part IV: Africa. Zootaxa, 4284(1): 1-7.
PDF available from authors
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Meyer, H.A., Tsaliki, M., Sorgee, B. (2017) New water bear records (Phylum Tardigrada) from South Carolina, southeastern USA, with the description of Echiniscus danieli sp. nov. (Heterotardigrada, Echiniscidae, bigranulatus group). Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 130(1): 98-107.
Nowak, B. & Stec, D. (2017) The first record of Macrobiotus vladimiri Bertolani, Biserov, Rebecchi and Cesari, 2011 (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada: Macrobiotidae: hufelandi group) from Poland. Turkish Journal of Zoology, 41: 558-567.
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Roza, F.W. (2017) Batillipes noerrevangi, een marien beerdiertje in de Voordelta. Het Zeepaard, 77(4): 152-157. [in Dutch + English summary]  
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PDF available from authors
Stec, D., Morek, W., G¹siorek, P., Blagden, B. & Michalczyk, £. (2017) Description of Macrobiotus scoticus sp. nov. (Tardigrada: Macrobiotidae: hufelandi group) from Scotland by means of integrative taxonomy. Annales Zoologici, 67(2): 181-197.
PDF available from authors
Stec. D., Zawierucha, K., & Michalczyk, £. (2017) An integrative description of Ramazzottius subanomalus (Biserov, 1985) (Tardigrada) from Poland. Zootaxa, 4300(3): 403-420.
PDF available from authors
Suzuki, A.C., Kagoshima, H., Chilton, G., Grothman, G.T., Johansson, C. & Tsujimoto, M. (2017) Meiofaunal Richness in Highly Acidic Hot Springs in Unzen-Amakusa National Park, Japan, Including the First Rediscovery Attempt for Mesotardigrada. Zoological Science, 34(1): 11-17.
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