Papers on Tardigrada published in 2012

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Beasley, C.W. & Miller, W.R. (2012) Additional Tardigrada from Hubei Province, China, with the description of Doryphoribius barbarae sp. nov. (Eutardigrada: Parachela: Hypsibiidae). Zootaxa, 3170: 55-63. Abstract
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Kaczmarek, £., Schabetsberger, R., Litwin, N. & Michalczyk, £. (2012) A new freshwater eutardigrade from Fiji and Vanuatu (Oceania), with remarks on the genus Dactylobiotus. New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 39(4): 311-318.
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Kaczmarek, £., Zawierucha, K., Smykla, J. & Michalczyk, £. (2012) Tardigrada of the Revdalen (Spitsbergen) with the descriptions of two new species: Bryodelphax parvuspolaris (Heterotardigrada) and Isohypsibius coulsoni (Eutardigrada). Polar Biology, 35(7): 1013-1026.
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Meyer, H.A. & Hinton, J.G. (2012) New water bear records (Phylum Tardigrada) from the Pacific Northwest of North America. Pan-Pacific Entomologist, 88(3): 304-310.
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Meyer, H.A. & Hinton, J.G. (2012) Tardigrades (Phylum Tardigrada) of the Island of Barbados in the West Indies, with the Description of Milnesium barbadosense sp. n. (Eutardigrada: Milnesiidae). Caribbean Journal of Science, 46(2-3): 194-202.  
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Michalczyk, £., We³nicz, W., Frohme, M. & Kaczmarek, £. (2012) Redescriptions of three Milnesium Doyere, 1840 taxa (Tardigrada: Eutardigrada: Milnesiidae), including the nominal species for the genus. Zootaxa, 3154: 1-20. [Corrigenda: Zootaxa, 3393: 66-68] Abstract
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Miller, W.R, Clark, T. & Miller, C. (2012) Tardigrades of North America: Archechiniscus biscaynei, nov. sp. (Arthrotardigrada: Archechiniscidae), a Marine Tardigrade from Biscayne National Park, Florida. Southeastern Naturalist, 11(2): 279-286.
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Pilato, G., Kiosya, Y., Lisi, O. & Sabella, G. (2012) New records of Eutardigrada from Belarus with the description of three new species. Zootaxa, 3179: 39-60. Abstract
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Pilato, G., McInnes, S.J. & Lisi, O. (2012) Hebesuncus mollispinus (Eutardigrada, Hypsibiidae), a new species from maritime Antarctica. Zootaxa, 3446: 60-68. Abstract
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Prasath, T., Greven, H. & D'Haese, J. (2012) EF-Hand Proteins and the Regulation of Actin-Myosin Interaction in the Eutardigrade Hypsibius klebelsbergi (Tardigrada). Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological Genetics and Physiology, 317(5): 311-320.
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Tanga, C.Q., Leasia, F., Oberteggerc, U., Kieneked, A., Barraclougha, T.G. & Fontaneto, D. (2012) The widely used small subunit 18S rDNA molecule greatly underestimates true diversity in biodiversity surveys of the meiofauna. PNAS, 109(40): 16208–16212.
Vargha, B. (2012) Localities of the Hungarian water bears (Tardigrada). e-Acta Naturalia Pannonica, 4: 103-142.
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Vukich M., Ganga, P.L., Cavalieri, D., Rivero, D., Pollastri, S., Mugnai, S., Mancuso, S., Pastorelli, S., Lambreva,  M, Antonacci, A. Margonelli, A., Bertalan, I., Johanningmeier, U., Giardi, M.T., Rea, G., Pugliese, M., Quarto, M., Roca, V., Zanin, A., Borla, O., Rebecchi, L., Altiero, T., Guidetti, R., Cesari, M., Marchioro, T., Bertolani, R., Pace, E., De Sio, A., Casarosa, M., Tozzetti, L., Branciamore, S., Gallori, E., Scarigella, M., Bruzzi, M., Bucciolini, M., Talamonti, C., Donati, A., & Zolesi, V. (2012) BIOKIS: a model payload for multisciplinary experiments in microgravity. Microgravity Science and Technology, 24(6): 397-409.
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Zawierucha, K. & KaŸmierski, A. (2012) The first records of tardigrades (Tardigrada, Eutardigrada) from Estonia. Zoology and Ecology, 22(2): 111-113.
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Zawierucha, K., Michalczyk, £. & Kaczmarek, £. (2012) The first record of Tardigrada from the Republic of Zambia, with a description of Doryphoribius niedbalai sp. nov. (Eutardigrada: Isohypsibiidae, the evelinae group). African Zoology, 47(2): 275-284.
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Zeppilli, D., Canals, M. & Danovaro, R. (2012) Pockmarks enhance deep-sea benthic biodiversity: a case study in the western Mediterranean Sea. Diversity and Distributions, 18(8): 832-846.

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